Programme for 2019- 2020

Please note that we are continuing to hold Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon meetings again this year. In each month of the season there will be normally two or three Wednesday evening meetings starting at 7.30pm for 7.45pm and one Thursday afternoon meeting starting at 2.00pm  for 2.15pm. 



2   Wed  7.30pm  'Oldest Buildings in Droitwich including 31 High St'. - Lyn Blewitt

9   Wed  7.30pm  'Eleanor of Aquitaine, Wife of Two Kings  and Mother of Two Kings'                                           -  Howard Robinson

24 Thu 2.00pm    'Clearing the Hurricane in Honduras' - Derek Hill

30 Wed 7.30pm 'Scientists in Malvern; WW2 secret development of radar' - David Whittaker


6   Wed  7.30pm  'Getting into the Swim' - Michael Loftus 

13 Wed  7.30pm  Annual General Meeting

28 Thu 2.00pm    'The Lunar Society of Birmingham'  -  Sally Dickson


4  Wed  7.30pm   'The Restoration in 1660' - Richard Shaw 

11 Wed 7.30pm    'Upon a Winter's Night' Christmas Social Evening - Entertainment led by                                  the Glorianna Tudor Dance Group. 



8   Wed 7.30pm    'Members Meeting - Kidderminster Past, Present and Future' 

15 Wed 7.30pm    'Lest we Forget': Worcestershire Memorials & their Casualties                                                  - Sandra Taylor  

22 Wed  7.30pm   'Marking the Hours - The Monastic Past & Educational Future of                                              Worcester Cathedral's Undercroft' - Sian Mitchell

30 Thu 2.00pm     'Restoration of the Back to Backs in Birmingham'  -  Derek Clarke


5   Wed  7.30pm   'Vesta Tilley: a Victorian Light' - Ray Sturdy

12 Wed  7.30pm   'What's in the Box?' - Robin Skerrat

27 Thu 2.00pm     'Worcestershire and Other Canals'  David Struckett


4   Wed  7.30pm   'Ruskin in Wyre' - Jenny Robbins

11 Wed  7.30pm    Presidential Evening - Simon Buteux

26 Thu 2.00pm     'Shuttle Diplomacy. Life as the past Editor of the Kidderminster                                                 Shuttle' - Clive Joyce     


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